COVID 19 and Food Access in DeKalb County

The spread of Covid 19 (Coronavirus) is increasing here in the United States. DeKalb County Community Gardens (DCCG) in collaboration with state and county public health departments, and other local social service agencies are monitoring the situation closely.

DCCG will continue to work to ensure everyone has access to food during this time of risk. We will follow the information provided by the health departments to make sure all health safety protocols are followed at our Genoa Area Community Food Hub and our Grow Mobile Pantry.

DCCG has established an on-line ordering option for Genoa and Kingston residents only to the Genoa Area Community Food Hub. This will allow for a kind of “drive through” pantry option for those who are most vulnerable. This option can be accessed at:

At the point where it is determined mobile pantries are no longer safe DCCG will establish a method to order on-line for an emergency box(s) of food. 

DeKalb County Community Gardens has been in conversation with Voluntary Action Center, Family Service Agency, Elder Care Services, and DeKalb County officials. DCCG is also convening a meeting of all DeKalb County Food Pantries for Monday morning to discuss coordinated efforts to ensure all members of the vulnerable population are provided access to food. We will work together to respond to food and other needs as they develop over the next few weeks.

The coronavirus is a respiratory illness that can spread from person to person, usually via droplets ejected during a cough or sneeze. Coronavirus does not target specific populations, socioeconomic status, ethnicities or racial backgrounds. DCCG will continue to treat all we serve with respect and dignity.

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