ProPublica Wants to Talk to People Working or Living on the Front Lines of Coronavirus

ProPublica has put together a reporting team to investigate the response to the new coronavirus, which causes the disease known as COVID-19.

Are you a public health worker or front line medical provider? Do you work for or with a government agency involved in the effort to protect the public? Have you or your family personally been affected? Show us what we should be covering, or serve as an expert to make sure we’re on track.

Our first stories have examined key missteps in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s initial approach to testing for the virus, the effectiveness of popular hand sanitizers and more. Our reporters are working to identify future stories. We need to hear from a variety of people in every part of the country. Please complete this form to share your expertise or experience with us.

If you are under quarantine or self-quarantine, we have more specific questions for you here.