DeKalb County Issues Information On How To Donate Health Supplies

According to a release:

DeKalb County is asking all entities and citizens in the County who may have Personal Protective Equipment in storage to please donate those supplies to protect those individuals on the front line of addressing this crisis.

Entities who may have supplies in storage include local school districts, various college departments, sports teams, manufacturers, and fitness places. In addition, places may include outpatient surgical and procedural centers, ambulatory surgery centers, and veterinarians.

Donations will be handled by the County Public Health Department who is setup for distribution in the community where supplies are most needed. Examples of PPE that can be donated include surgical gloves, gowns, goggles, face shields, surgical masks, and N‐95 respirator masks.

Items should be in their original packaging, but items past the date expiration are still acceptable. In addition, touchless thermometers are needed by the Sheriff’s Office for both officers on the street and for screening within the Jail.

Other first responders in our various communities also have a need for touchless thermometers. To make a donation, please contact the DeKalb County Health Department by calling 815‐748‐2431 or email them at

Please do not go to the Health Department without first making contact.

Additional information on COVID‐19 may be found at this link:‐news‐regarding‐covid‐19‐coronavirus/