DeKalb County Breaks Down Cases By Zip Code

Information from the DeKalb Health Department.

Why are the total number of individuals tested in DeKalb County not reported?
  • Since the Health Department is not doing testing at this time, we do not have the total number of COVID-19 tests to date. Labs are required to report positive cases of COVID-19 to the Health Department but are not required to report negative results. Some labs are reporting both positive and negative results but the negative count is less reliable for this reason.
  • The number of laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 cases does not represent an accurate number of cases in DeKalb County, because not all who have symptoms are being tested. Testing is still being prioritized for people with symptoms who have high risk of complications or who have high risk of exposing others. This includes adults living in congregate settings and those with chronic health conditions like heart disease, lung disease, or diabetes, and those with weakened immune systems.