DeKalb County ‘Collecting History’ Initiative

From the DeKalb County History Center:

How will history books talk about this unique time we are all living through? We have an opportunity and obligation to record our experiences to help future generations understand not only what was going on in the United States or Illinois, but right here in DeKalb County during this National Emergency.

The History Center in partnership with 20 plus history organizations are keepers of DeKalb County’s history. They are all committed to collecting and preserving archival materials, photos, artifacts, and books for future generations. These amazing groups have documented floods, tornadoes, shooting, and fires – all of which provide a context to our current situation with COVID-19, and more importantly that we will persevere.

There is not a part of our daily life that has not changed in the last month and a half. The History Center needs your help. They need you to record meaningful, factual, and personal stories to document this time in our history. Your experiences whether through the eyes of a child, a high school senior, first responder, grocery store worker, or small business owner are all important. This is something everyone can contribute to – it is crowdsourcing, but with stories. The History Center has set up a special email address for people to submit their stories:

Send any questions to