Lena Pastor Sues Illinois Governor

Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker is responding to lawsuit filed against him by a Stephenson County church.

The lawsuit was filed by Pastor Stephen Cassell and the Beloved Church of Lena.

The filing says Pritzker’s statements and actions during the coronavirus epidemic demonstrate an “illegal and discriminatory hostility to religious practice, churches, and people of faith.”

Pritzker addressed the lawsuit during his daily press briefing in Chicago.

“We’ve asked everybody to do the right thing and, as I say, parishioners and their pastors really have done the right thing across the state. It’s a bit of an outlier but everybody has the right to sue.”

The plaintiffs plan to hold public worship services this Sunday. The filing says they fear arrest and prosecution without immediate relief from the court.

The filing says, “For a father out of work, a young person at risk for suicide, or a mom dealing with substance abuse, a “Zoom meeting” just doesn’t cut it.