Pritzker Outlines Path For Re-Opening

From NPR Illinois reporter Sam Dunklau: Governor J.B. Pritzker says if certain regions of the state record at least a two-week drop in COVID-19 cases and deaths, local and county officials may begin to re-open their economies.

The governor has been reticent to agree to a regionalized approach to reopening, citing data from public health experts that shows cases and deaths per capita in rural areas are climbing as fast — if not faster — than those in urban ones. 

While two protests in separate parts of Illinois on Friday called for a full reopening of the state, Pritzker says he’s unmoved.

“I want as much as everyone else does for everybody to get back to work and for us to move toward normalcy, but I also want to say that I’m not going to do it until we know people are safe and it isn’t going to be because some protestor has a sign that says ‘Liberate Illinois.’

Separately, the state’s public health department confirmed more than three thousand additional COVID-19 cases in the last day alone. More than 24 hundred people have died in Illinois because of the virus.