Rockford Public Library Keeping WiFi Accessible From Parking Lots

From a news release: Rockford Public Library (RPL) is making internet accessible to the public by keeping its Wireless Network (WiFi) live and accessible from parking lots during regular library hours, despite being forced to close buildings to the public.

People are welcome to drive up and park at any of the Library locations and access the internet from their cars in order to work, communicate, or enjoy online entertainment. People are asked to practice safe social distancing in the parking lots by not congregating or being within 6 feet of each other.

Along with getting a virtual library card online, streaming library events, digital content and providing curbside pick-up by appointment, welcoming the public to access the internet through its WiFi, in its parking lots, is just another way the Library is repurposing its assets to safely serve the public during this unprecedented time

RPL’s Wireless Network will be on during the regular open hours of each branch:

“We know the public depended on us for access to the internet. Before Shelter-in-place the Rockford Public Library Public WiFi network would regularly see over 600 internet connections each day, system-wide,” said RPL Executive Director Lynn Stainbrook. “Where we’re disappointed about having to limit our in-person service, we’re glad to be able to offer people some connectivity through their personal devices, in our parking lots.”