A Look At The DeKalb School District’s Reopening Plan

WNIJ’s Peter Medlin reports:

It’s just less than a month before the first day of school, and DeKalb is releasing their plans to reopen amid the global COVID-19 pandemic.

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Students returning will see a different kind of classroom from what they left in March when schools shut down.

Schools are enforcing health and safety guidelines to try and limit the spread of coronavirus. Students will be required to wear masks. Classrooms will be reoriented to account for social distancing.

DeKalb’s plan uses a hybrid in-person and online format.

Ray Lechner is one of the district’s two new interim superintendents. He, along with Griff Powell, took over in June.

“There’s a direct relationship between in-person and remote,” said Lechner. “And then for the kids of the parents who choose at-home learning, it’ll be a different structure, but there will be stuff. There definitely will be stuff available. It just won’t look the same.”

For returning students, the plan is to split students into two groups, based on their instructional needs. And stagger schedules so students won’t come in every day of the week, only two to three days.

“And then we’re going to flip the kids, A and B. So, one week you’ll be two days at school, the next week you’ll be three days at school,” said Lechner.

They won’t come for a full day either, only half. Then they’ll grab a to-go, pre-packaged lunch and head home to learn remotely.

There will be an option for parents who don’t want to send their kids back in-person this fall. But Lechner said the district still doesn’t have a clear idea of what e-learning is going to look for those students.

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