What Does Gov. Pritzker’s New Mask Order Mean For Businesses?

Eric Stock and Charlie Schlenker report:

Businesses that violate Gov. JB Pritzker’s new mask order could face more than just fines for not complying during the coronavirus pandemic. They could lose customers.


Business attorney Lorna Geiler told McLean County business owners during a virtual discussion on Monday the order also allows law enforcement to order people out of a store if the business doesn’t take corrective action following a warning.

Geiler said that may seem unlikely, but during the pandemic, you shouldn’t rule it out.

“Have there been a lot of incidents where you would say, ‘I never would have thought anybody would do that, I never would have thought the government would have done that?” Geiler asked. “There have been lots of those for me.”

Misdemeanor fines of between $700 and $2,500 would come with the third offense.

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